Menu du 28 mars au 2 avril 



Lone star


Chicken cesar salad

Stir fry with egg rolls 


Menu du 22 au 26 mars

-Tofu stir fry + rice & spring rolls

-chicken, strawberries, nuts, goat cheese, spinach, crispy onion salad or pickled onions

-spinach & artichoke quiche :

-tortellini in parmesan sauce with broccoli :

-lazy sushi :

Menu du 7 au 12 mars

Slow cooker lamb shanks, mashed potatoes, asparagus 

Rapini, risotto, shrimps 

Spaghetti with bacon, pecorino & fried egg + salad 

Chickpea & butternut squash curry + rice & papadum 

Falafel sandwich & salad 

Fish & chips